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SAIL, celebrating its 60th year of production, is a Maharatna CPSE and one of India’s foremost steelmakers. SAIL has five integrated steel plants, four special steel and ferro-alloy production unit, India’s second largest captive mining operations (iron ore, limestone, dolomite and coal), and its own consultancy and R&D divisions. Over the last six decades, the company has built a robust social infrastructure for residence, commerce, education, health care, sports, culture and entertainment at its dozen + industrial townships across India. SAIL is the harbinger of development in the predominantly tribal districts of the country, and continues to undertake a plethora of social initiatives in the peripheral areas of its plants and mines. SAIL’s comprehensive product portfolio consists of earthquake-resistant TMT rebars, hot rolled products (plates, sheets, coils), cold rolled products (coils, sheets), galvanized plane and corrugated products, electrical steel, structurals (channels, angles, beams, special sections, rounds), wire rods, tubular (electric resistant welded pipes, spiral welded pipes), re-rollables (bloom, billet, slab, round), railway products (track rails, wheels, axles), alloy steel, stainless steel and coal chemicals as by-products of the coke making process. SAIL has the distinction of producing the world’s longest single piece 160 metre rails. SAIL has been a partner in India’s progress, supplying steel for the entire gamut of economic segments, namely infrastructure, consumer goods, engineering industries, transportation, power, defence and aerospace. SAIL steel gives strength to marquee projects such as Turial Dam, Sardar Sarovar Dam, Dhola-Sadia Bridge, Agra Expressway, Bogibeel Bridge, Ranchi Airport, Eastern Perpheral Expressway, Metro Railways, Nuclear Power Plants, Chandrayaan and Mangalyaan, Satellite Launch Vehicles, Naval Ships - Vikrant, Kamorta and Kiltan, main battle tank Arjun, armoured vehicles, earthmoving equipments, railway coaches and wagons. SAIL’s household utility grade steel is present in every household of the country in some way or the other. The presence of SAIL steel in every significant aspect of the country truly entitles it to proclaim that “There’s a little bit of SAIL in everybody’s life”.

Smt.Soma Mondal

Smt.Soma Mondal

Chairman Steel Authority of India Limited

Soma Mondal is the current Chairman of Steel Authority of India Ltd. w.e.f January 1, 2021. She has the distinction of not only being the first woman Functional Director of SAIL, but she is also the first woman Chairman of the company. Smt. Mondal has over 35 years of experience in the metal industry. She commenced her career at NALCO and rose to the position of Director (Commercial) in the year 2014. She joined SAIL in March 2017 as Director (Commercial) and took over as Chairman, SAIL after retirement of Shri Anil Kumar Chaudhary in December, 2020. In March 2021, she was elected as the Chairperson of SCOPE, the organization representing Central Government Public Enterprises.